- Being the exclusive UK stockist of Tropical Glitz,
Cosmic Ron has curated this selection of 36 colours from the entire Tropical Glitz range.
If any are currently showing as out of stock, that is only temporary and they will be imminently re-stocked.
- Ron can also get any of the remaining 20 or so Tropical Glitz colours, should  you or your client require from the wider range,
but we must order it from Florida and it will take 4-6 weeks to arrive in the UK. 
-Tropical Glitz was originally designed for the American car spray scene, is super fine DRY glitter, sometimes known as metal flake.
Ron thinks it's the best you can buy, which is why he goes to great lengths to import it from the States.
Designed to be sprayed with a compressor and spray gun (just suspend it in a base coat paint first),
it can be utilised as a dry material as well, with glues for decoration and set design.
- We ship to anywhere in EU, except most islands, The Vatican city and San Marino. 
- By buying Tropical Glitz you are supporting a very worthy cause: "help manny walk"
- Lastly  If you need any help with using any of our products please get in touch via tech@cosmicrons.com  #staycosmickids