"Help Manny Walk"


All of our flake is manufactured by Tropical Glitz. Founded in 2015, it is the invention of Manny (senior) Martinez. He is a professional paint sprayer in the States, specialising in the custom car spray industry in Miami, Florida.

Manny was frustrated using other companies glitter flakes, as he felt that they were too big, requiring too much clear coat when applying to cars. He also was uninspired by the lack of colours available and the simple holographic glitter effect of the ones that were. Its an effect widely used in the glitter world that shows a whole rainbow spectrum of colours. He wanted to have access to a more subtle and classy range of flakes......Reds that showed a red spectrum, and ranges of shine that went only through a handful of intentionally chosen shades that complement each other.

Then Manny had Twins, two non identical boys called Danny and Manny. However Manny junior suffered complications in birth, and a stroke left him paralyzed due to a thinning of the spinal chord.

So Manny senior decided that now was the time to act on his frustrations at work and also create a company that could help support Manny junior. Healthcare in the US is an expensive beast and he is going to need a lot of help to live a normal life.

And so Tropical Glitz was born. Manny has worked hard in creating very specialist glitter flakes, in sizes and colours that are rare in his field. On top of that all profits go direct to Manny junior's needs, and to date he has already received various treatments and expensive aids to help him and his family, largely through money raised via Tropical Glitz and the permanent campaign "help manny walk".

See Manny's campaign website here

and the Facebook page here

Ron is very proud to be able to help support Manny and his family and spread the love across the UK and Europe.